Another asinine decision…

These three tweets say it all.

In case you want to make your voice heard:

Only 2 days in and we already have a June Jones moment

We haven’t even had time to put together our first post, and yet, here we are.

Herm Edwards.

The guy who wins just 42% of his games. Whose highest game won was a wildcard game. The guy who last coached a decade ago, closing out his career with an 8-30 record. The guy who is known not for his coaching prowess, but for his gif-able Hermisms.

That guy.

He’s the one Ray Anderson thinks is a clear upgrade over Todd Graham and worth a $12 million buyout.

He’s the guy that Ray Anderson believes will transform ASU from a 7-5 team to a consistent national power—a top 15 year-in and year-out team that plays in big bowls regularly and never finishes with fewer than 9 wins.

That is INSANE.

Raise hell, Devils!

This YOUR program. Don’t let a bad hire set us back another half decade and $12 million.

Make your voice heard. Call, email, tweet, show up at the ticket office. And keep doing it until we get a legitimate candidate to lead our beloved Sun Devils.

We did this in 2011 to avoid June Jones—a more qualified candidate than Edwards—and we were able to change the administration’s plans, eventually ending up with Todd Graham.

We need a repeat.